EUREF 2022 Symposium Registration Fee (online only)

EUREF 2022 Symposium Registration Fee (online only)

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National Report
CEGRN Splinter Meeting
The annual CEGRN meeting is organized as a forum for discussion of the geodetic activity in Central Europe in a broad sense. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to the general goal of improving the quantity, quality and standardization of geodetic data in Central  Europe: GNSS, gravity, leveling, InSAR .. are all valuable contributions. The meeting takes place together with the EUREF Symposium, given the Memorandum of Understanding between EUREF and CEGRN signed in 2011.
Toward FAIR GNSS data Splinter Meeeting
Data are FAIR when they are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. This concept was introduced by Wilkinson in 2016 ( and it has already been taken up by several communities. There are many advantages to applying FAIR data principles. For example, the data will be more easily found on the internet (e.g. when doing a google search) and also people using the data will exactly know where the data come from, who to be acknowledged for the data, and what are the conditions of use of these data. In collaboration with the university of Ghent, the Royal Observatory of Belgium, is presently looking at how GNSS data can evolve towards using FAIR-data principles. This activity is also linked with the Working Group on Digital Object Identifiers of the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS). During this splinter meeting, we would like to give some background, share our first experiences and start a discussion with other agencies also interested in or having already first experience with the “FAIRness” of the GNSS data.
EUREF WG European Unified Height Reference Splinter Meeting

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